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1. Shortcut keys

There are a ton of shortcut keys in ACDSee Pro for both view mode and manage mode. Using these shortcut keys keeps your hands on the keyboard to save time.

2. Image Organization

With ACDSee Pro you can organize your images with metadata, keywords, colour labels and tags. Keeping your collection organized helps you find photos faster, know what camera was used to take the image, figure out where the photo was taken and work smarter.

3. Batch

With Batch processings you can make the same edits to multiple images at the same time. For example, if you need to resize, crop, correct color cast, and rotate multiple images, you can use the Batch Edit wizard to perform all the edits, to all the files, simultaneously.

Photo courtesy of ACDSee photographer Serge Timacheff

4. Last used

In Develop mode, under the settings button, pick the option that says “apply last used” this will apply the last used function to your image. This is beneficial when you are editing a set of photos that are very similar.

5. Presets

Presets allow you to quickly apply changes to an image without having to repeat the steps each time you want to apply the same change. For example, if you always correct your images using the Contrast tool with the value of 25 and the Midtones tool with the value of -8, you can save these settings as a preset and quickly apply them to change the contrast and midtones in your images. You can also use presets to ensure that settings are applied consistently in your images. You can create a preset with one or multiple develop settings.

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