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ACDSee Ultimate 9, Pro 9, 19 Feature Highlights

Here are just a few great tools from ACDSee 19, ACDSee Pro 9 and Ultimate 9.

The Clone Tool

1. In Edit Mode, select the Repair Tool from the Repair group.
2. Select Clone and the width of the Nib.
3. Right-click on the area you would like to clone; then click on the area you want to remove.
4. Repeat until area is completely removed.
5. Click Done.

Categorization and File Management

Catalogue by colour, rating, categories, keywords

1. In Manage Mode, click on a photo - on the right you will see the Properties panel.
2. Give your photo a rating, colour, keyword and more.
3. To view all your photos from a particular grouping, select the Catalog tab on the left panel.

Smart Collections

1. Click on the Collections tab on the left panel.
2. Right-click Smart Collections and select Create Smart Collection.
3. Choose the criteria you wish to base your smart collection on. For example, choose ISO, then choose the specific ISO number and click OK. Please note, you can choose as many criteria as you like for your smart collection. This will populate a list of photos all with the same ISO.

Brush Selection and Pixel Targeting

1. In Edit Mode, select Colour Balance under the Colour group.
2. Select the brush tool, then choose the width and feathering of the nib.
3. Select the colour of the element you want to change in your photo.

If you have ACDSee Pro 9 or Ultimate 9 you have access to Pixel Targeting. This will make the selecting process much faster.

4. Select Pixel Targeting from the top-left of the window.
5. Adjust the Targeted Tones, Targeted Colours and Skin Targeting with the sliders as desired.
6. Click Done.

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