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We’ve covered how you can add text to your images. But now I’d like to draw attention to the ability to add GPS metadata to your images using the Text tool, as it can be an invaluable tool to businesses, such as consultancies, investigators, surveyors, and so on and so on.

So, open your image in Edit mode. Under the Add group, open the Text tool.

Text Tool

In the Font area, press the Ins (Insert) button. On the Choose Properties dialog, navigate to EXIF on the tree. Under EXIF, choose GPS. Select the checkboxes next to the GPS info that you would like to include.

GPS Properties

Your GPS information will appear on your photo in the text field.

Text Appears

Drag the text field’s marquee handles to expose all of the information, and pull it to your desired area of the photo.

Text Drag

Now you may choose to customize the look of your GPS information. You can use the Font drop-down menu, the Size slider, the Opacity slider, the Color drop-down menu, and more. You may choose to make your text stand out, or take a more subtle approach. View the Adding Text to Your Images topic for more information on the effects you can apply to your text.

Final Results

So there you have it! Whether for business purposes or just as clarification for yourself in your own collection, you can easily make the exact locations where your photos were shot visible, with no messing around at all.

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