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Tips and Tricks for Macro Photography

It is easy to be awestruck by a stunning landscape, towering mountains, or wide open spaces. Often, however, we tend to overlook the incredible beauty hidden in the details.

Getting up close and personal

Macro Photography can produce some remarkable images, and provides a portal into the microscopic world all around us. Here are a few tips to get you started:

Keep Your Distance

Though you may be tempted to bring your lens as close as possible to your subject, it is important to maintain a bit of space, and let your camera do the work for you.Too close of a proximity could block your lighting and disturb your subject.

Manual Focus

Using auto focus can be tricky when shooting macro — you may notice that this setting will have a hard time adjusting when you shoot. Try using manual focus instead to improve the process and keep your images looking sharp.

Simplicity is Key

Composing an image with a single subject can be very effective with macro photography. With a narrow depth of field, your background will be out of focus, bringing more attention to your subject. Be sure to avoid any distracting lighting or objects in the background.

Switch It Up

Get creative and try shooting from alternate angles and experiment with lighting to create artistic effects in your images. Now grab your camera and start exploring these miniature photographic opportunities!

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