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You can follow along with the Actions video.

To Achieve Similar Results:

1. Open your image in Edit mode.

2. At the top of the ACDSee Actions window, press the Record button.

3. Make your desired adjustments in Edit mode as normal.

4. Press the Stop button on the ACDSee Actions window. (If you pressed the Stop button by accident, press Cancel to continue recording.)

5. Enter a name for your recording and press OK. Your recording will now be available in the Actions column of the ACDSee Actions window.

6. Select a new image from the Filmstrip.

7. Select the action from the Actions column on the ACDSee Actions window. You can preview what that image would look like with the recording that you saved by toggling the Show Steps and Show Preview buttons.

8. Press Play. The action is applied to the image.

In Manage Mode:

1. Select the images you would like to apply the action to.

2. Choose ACDSee Actions | < your desired recording >| Play, or right-click and choose ACDSee Actions | < your desired recording > | Play.

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