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Making the Most of Your Vacation Photos

2013-01-29 20:30:00 GMT

Escaping the cold and heading south for winter vacation usually means beaches, warm weather and beautiful scenery. Well, now that you’re home and all unpacked it’s time to upload all the wonderful memories you’ve captured on camera, but instead you find a bunch of underexposed, possibly blurry or grainy, poorly framed pictures that say “my vacation was mediocre”.

Here are a few quick tips that even the most amateur photographer can do to turn those “mediocre” photos into masterpieces to share with your friends making them jealous of your amazing travels!

Remember that rule of thirds? Guess you forgot about it with all the excitement going on around you when you took that photo. That’s where cropping can come in handy. Too much foreground in your sunset photo? Crop it! Is that statue dead center? Make it more visually appealing by … you guessed it, cropping it! Is your kid making an unforgettable face? Crop your photo to feature just him!


The crop tool is simple, but gives you endless opportunities to creating exciting photo’s, don’t be afraid to use it.

Turns out the lighting of that fancy restaurant you went to on the first night of vacation, wasn’t as bright as you thought it was. Or the sun was in your face when you took picture at the beach. That’s ok, that can be easily fixed during post production.

In ACDSee Pro 6 the exposure/lighting functions in edit mode will be your best friend in these situations. Adjusting the contrast of your photos will lighten the shadows or darken the bright sun spots making your subjects the main focus of your photo.

Stumble across a couple grainy photos? Maybe they are a few pictures taken on your phone? Either way they can be saved with noise reduction. This feature will save as much edge detail as possible while smoothing out and giving you more natural results.


Tell Your Story
This is the fun part! There are so may different ways to show off you vacation. A few simple, yet creative, to do this include: building a collage, creating a slide show and uploading them all to an album.

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