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Show Off Your Photos With A Desktop Slideshow!

2013-09-12 22:14:37 GMT

Let’s say you’re crazy busy working away at your computer, and you feel like you need a little visual pick-me-up or a quick distraction. Why not set up a little slideshow to appear in the corner of your screen that doesn’t take you away from your work?

Here’s how with ACDSee 16:

  1. In Manage mode, navigate to a folder containing images that you want to add to the desktop slideshow.
  2. Do one of the following:

  • Click Tools | Create | ACDSee Showroom.
  • Click Start | Programs | ACD Systems | ACDSee Showroom.

The slideshow starts immediately and the ACDSee Showroom icon appears in the taskbar.

It’s almost as easy as that! Did you notice all the controls in the Showroom? There are a number of slideshow controls in the ACDSee Showroom window:

Using the ACDSee Showroom Slideshow Controls:

  • Click the Back or Forward buttons to display the previous or next photos in the slideshow.
  • Click the Pause button to pause the slideshow while a particular photo is displayed.

Note: If you cannot see these slideshow controls in the ACDSee Showroom window, click anywhere in the window. The controls disappear while the slideshow is playing so you can fully enjoy your photos.

Do you have a lot of photos and want to create multiple slideshows?

To Create More Than One ACDSee Showroom:

With ACDSee Showroom open, do one of the following:

  • Click Close in the ACDSee Showroom window.
  • Click the ACDSee Showroom icon in the taskbar and select Exit ACDSee Showroom.

Note: If you have configured ACDSee Showroom to open when you start your computer, it will automatically open the next time you start your computer.

Another cool thing about the ACDSee Showroom window, is that is goes transparent when the mouse is not hovering over it. Keeping your desktop icons or other windows still slightly visible underneath.