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Pinterest - A Photographers Inspiration Hot Spot

2013-06-13 16:14:00 GMT

We all have those moments where we surf the internet and procrastinate. How about using this time to find a little photography inspiration!

Here’s our list of the Pinterest boards we find most inspiring!

Ccil G. A France based photographer that uses Pinterest to showcase her own work. But not only that, she also showcases work by famous photographers and other images she finds intriguing.

Klaus Herrmann, uniquely compiles his photography boards by color. Feeling blue? Check out his “Photos I Love - Blue” board for some beautiful blue inspiration.

Ton Roque. His Pinterest account features some of the greatest photos ever taken. You won’t find a shortage of stunning and inspiring photography here that’s for sure.

Trey Ratcliff. Self described as a warm-hearted, old-school gentleman explorer with really cool toys. His Pinterest boards are categorized by country and there are a lot!

And while you’re engrossed in Pinterest, check out our ACDSee boards. You’ll find all kinds of golden treasures there.


"Stuff your Dad says" Father's Day Facebook Contest

2013-06-11 18:54:00 GMT


Does your dad give you some great, but crazy funny fatherly advice? Does he have a tendency to blurt out embarrassing stories and opinions at inopportune times?

Well, use those funny quips to get a free ACDSee upgrade or a new ACDSee Photo Editing Program!

To enter, share the craziest, most embarrassing thing your dad has said. Just keep it as clean as you can without it losing its impact.

Once all entries have been submitted and the entry with the most votes will have his/her choice of the following ACDSee Products or upgrades:

  • ACDSee Pro 6 or Pro 3 (Mac)
  • ACDSee 16
  • ACDSee Photo Editor 6

Voting starts on June 17th, winner to be announced on June 21st!
Go here to enter:


Go Green this Earth Day!

2013-04-17 18:11:07 GMT

Submit your photos of the environment and you going green to Facebook and you could win! These photos can (and should) include examples of green architecture, green transportation, wilderness spaces and so much more. Don’t be afraid to get creative!

In order to be considered a valid entry, photos must include the following:

  • At least one person
  • Feature the environment
  • A detailed description of the photo

The Prize:
The photo with the most votes will win a Samsung NX210 demo camera from ACD Systems.

Enter here:

Don’t forget to check out to see what special offers are in place to save you some “green” this earth week as well!


Featured Facebook Photo of the Week

2013-04-11 15:49:00 GMT

Always wanted to see your photos somewhere other than your own facebook account? Well, we’re giving you the chance to show them off on OUR Facebook page!

Here’s how:

Upload your best shots to your ACDSee Online account (, it’s free if you don’t already have one! And in the comments section enter the hashtag #acdseephotooftheweek.

Every week we will choose a new photo with the tag #acdseephotooftheweek to be featured on the ACD Systems Facebook page as the cover photo!

You can see the first one already in place here:


You might be a Photographer if....

2013-04-02 16:16:25 GMT

We asked you and you answered. Here are some of the top responses received from Facebook and Twitter.


  • You ask your mother in law what level of Gaussian blur she used at the family Christmas gathering.
  • You forgot your anniversary to shoot a WEDDING!
  • Your camera lens costs more than your car.
  • If you take your camera everywhere you go and when you don’t that’s when you find the perfect shot.
  • If you see the sunsets in aperture and f-stop.
  • Your friend refers to you as her personal paparazzi.
  • You’ve got blisters on your trigger finger.
  • You learn to ignore people admiring your shots and saying “Gee, you must have a great camera”!
  • You always see life through a lens.