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NEW - ACDSee Packs - Check them out!

2014-04-11 16:37:03 GMT

ACDSee Edit Pack
What it includes: ACDSee 17 & ACDSee Photo Editor 6.

Discover your inner photo genius and edit your shots like a pro with the ACDSee Edit Pack.

  • One License key unlocks both ACDSee 17 and ACDSee Photo Editor 6
  • Apply stunning effects and filters
  • Correct common photo flaws and make advanced edits
  • Share your best through the cloud and social media

ACDSee Pro Pack
What it includes: ACDSee Pro 7 & ACDSee Mac Pro 3.

Work from anywhere on both Mac and Windows platforms with the all new ACDSee Pro Pack.

  • One License key unlocks both products!
  • Everything you need to manage, process, and share your images.
  • Achieve stunning results, stay organized, save time.
  • ACDSee Pro Pack delivers total photography control no matter your platform.

They’re here! New RAW Support

2014-03-24 17:39:15 GMT

Every so often we like to update the ACDSee programs to accommodate the latest cameras for RAW processing. As of today we have updated almost the entire ACDSee product line up (with the exception of ACSee Photo Editor 6). Click here to see support the following camera RAW files:

Panasonic DMC-GM1
Sony ILCE-7R
Sony DSC-RX10
Sony ILCE-7
Olympus Stylus1
Nikon D610
Nikon D5300
Nikon 1 AW1
Nikon P7800
Nikon Df
Pentax K-3
Panasonic DMC-ZS40/DMC-TZ60/DMC-TZ61
Nikon D3300
Olympus E-M10
Samsung NX-30

Click here to access your acdID for updates or download the latest version from the support page here.


How-To Shoot Action Photography Like a Pro

2013-07-30 22:06:51 GMT

Looking for ways to get great action shots? Whether you are into sports photography or getting great action shots of the kids, these 6 tips will get you started!

Shooting in Jpeg.
Because jpeg files are much smaller than RAW files most DSLRs can capture more frames per second with this format.

Shoot in burst mode.
Action photography is just as it sounds, action. To get the best shot set your camera to burst mode to take at least 3 shots with one click of the button.

Pre plan your shot.
Pick your location early. If you’re at a sporting event that you know really well, station yourself where you know all the action will be. This way you’ll have the best opportunity for more great shots.

Give the subject space to move.
Many action shots are often off-centered, as this shows more movement in your photograph. If you are at a track and field event try and capture your subject so he/she is running into the center of your frame.

Photo courtesy of Alexandra Pottier

Try panning.
Panning is the horizontal movement of the camera as it scans a moving object. In a car race, you would move the camera in line with the car to create a blurred background. The photo example above is the opposite, the train is moving and the camera is still therefore the subject blurred.

Consider the lighting.
Light is important to action photography. If you’re at an indoor event with low light just raise your ISO. If you are experiencing strange colorcasts in your images, try adjusting your White Balance settings until the image looks normal on your LCD screen.

And last but not least, practice makes perfect! With all kinds of action photography, reactions must be quick, and techniques need to be mastered. So get out there and practice, practice, practice and don’t be discouraged by the amount of blurred photos you begin with, they will improve with each attempt.


ACD Systems Video

Photojournalism Trip to Mexico with Peter Pereira

Follow along with pro photographer Peter Pereira as he uses ACDSee to edit his photos from a photojournalism trip to Mexico!


ACDSee Pro Photographer Program

2013-04-18 16:33:00 GMT

Are you a professional photographer?

Are ACDSee products a big part of your workflow?

Interested in getting your name and work recognized?

How would you like to be a part of our pro photographer program?

The ACDSee pro photographer program is designed to create a human face for the application and ACD Systems. In the past photographers were involved with beta programs, giving feedback on how they used the application to better their workflow, they also made suggestions on what would improve the app. From there we developed the relationships to include use of their photographs in our marketing materials, both on and offline.

Included here is a breakdown of the 2013 ACDSee Pro Photographer Program.

As a member of the ACDSee pro photographer program one is entitled to the following benefits.

  • ACDSee Online Photo Storage account (100GB)
  • Involvement with beta programs
  • Personal Bio on ACDSee website (with links to personal site)
  • And much more!

In return ACDSee requires the following from the photographer.

  • Monthly guest blogging opportunities (topic of your choice)
  • Participate in ACDSee’s Get Satisfaction community as needed
  • General consulting

If this is something that interests you, please contact our community manager Shantel Cordeiro at for more details.