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5 Ways to Resolving the Most Common Lighting Issues

2013-08-06 19:05:00 GMT

What to do if you have too little light
Extra lighting can be created by setting your camera up on the tripod and using a longer exposure time. You can also illuminate the subject with additional lighting such as repeated electronic flash bursts, a spotlight, or other source of lighting.

Using reflectors
There are two situations where using a reflector would be beneficial. 1. If the light is harsh and causing a glare, you can soften it with the reflector. 2. You can use the reflector to remedy an unevenly lit scene.

Using fill in flash
An easy way to banish shadows from your shots is to use your camera’s automatic TTL setting. Take a test shot and view the results on the LCD screen, if the subject still has too much shadow move closer.

You have a very bright scene
Use a neutral density filter! This filter cuts back on the amount of light your camera sensors receive.

Setting white balance
The lower the color temperature the more red the light will be, the higher it is the more blue. Normally you’d set the white balance to get neutral colored results. Use your camera’s white balance presets such as Tungsten, Sunny or Cloudy, or mess around with it manually to get your desired result.