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ACDSee 16 Highlights & Enhancements

2013-06-06 19:16:00 GMT

Now that ACDSee 16 has been out for a few weeks, we hope you’ve had a chance to give it a try. If not, you can download your free trial here.

One of the new features in ACDSee 16 in comparison to ACDSee 15 is the user interface. Here are a few of the most talked about upgrades:

New color choices! In the Quick Start Guide, you have three choices for background color. The new default being light, but you can still choose silver or charcoal.

Manage Mode
There were lots of updates done to Manage mode on ACDSee 16. Take a look at the comparison of ACDSee 15 and ACDSee 16 below:

ACDSee 15

ACDSee 16

You’ll notice ACDSee has a more clean, professional looking interface, with matching scroll bars, and the preview image is now scaled to fit the manage mode window - no longer any wasted space on right side!


Now with ACDSee 16, you can access key shooting information while managing, viewing, and editing your photos. The new Info Palette conveniently displays a host of data alongside your photo, without distracting you from your workflow.

And speaking of thumbnails, ACDSee 16 has larger thumbnail images and check out the new file type icons and the darker background.


View Mode
And last but not least, we’ve heard great praise on the Video Player updates. If your are on Windows 7 or higher, you’ll notice that ACDSee 16’s control panel has been simplified. With fewer buttons, it looks a lot less clunky and more chic.

ACDSee 15

ACDSee 16

These are just a few of the new user interface upgrades. Give ACDSee 16 a try and share on our Facebook page what you like most!