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Making Social Media Work For You

2013-02-06 21:17:00 GMT

How to market your photography business via social media.

If you’re not already on board with social media, get on it now! Just remember that you won’t see success over night, it comes with time, energy, strategy and planning. We’ve broken it down for you; incorporate these ideas in each platform.

With Facebook you can build your brand and mange relationships. Think about it, you log on everyday, you learn new and exciting things, you find hilarious YouTube videos and you know it’s the best way to make a quick announcement and know all your followers will see it. The best way to build your brand and manage relationships is to create engaging Facebook content, not just about the product you deliver, but content that will create a conversation and keep people entertained. Running a number of contests and promotions will allow clients to feel like they are a part of something and get something in return for ‘liking’ your page. Just be sure to follow Facebooks specific promotion guidelines.

Your Facebook business page is just like your website, make sure to keep it looking professional, but don’t be afraid to use it show of your personality. Having a great cover photo is the first and most important impression you can give your clients. Keep your page up-to-date but don’t become a spammer.


Much like Facebook, twitter is all about cultivating relationships, except here you only have 140 characters to engage your audience. This means every word counts and it’s ok to post more frequently without feeling like you are filling ones home feed. Twitter is a great venue to follow other businesses in the industry, interact with them and build relationships. This is a great way to get referrals, people tend to feel as if they know you personally with frequent interaction, and they will always refer someone they know and trust. Another way to gain solid followers is by using hash tags. Hash tags allow users to search by a certain keyword to find tweets by those they do not follow. Some of the well used hash tags in the photography industry include: #photography #photog #photo #camera and of course you could be more specific like #fashionphotography.

What is it that makes LinkedIn different from all the other platforms? Easy, its designated specifically for business professionals. This means keeping things professional. It’s a great place to post images from your portfolio, answer questions, join groups and connect with photographers and others in your industry niche.

LinkedIn has changed over the past few years, as a business owner you can now create a business page. This profile will optimize your business and improve your SEO. Ensure your profile is complete, use plenty of keywords and provide rich, searchable content. But most of all make sure you are unique, using the keyword “photography” isn’t going to differentiate you from all the others in a search. Be creative and be descriptive, for example use “ wedding and family portraiture”.

And last but not least, use your LinkedIn profile as another portal to drive traffic to you blog or website. Include hyperlinks with descriptive text. LinkedIns default text is “My Website”, change it to include top keywords like “My Travel Photography Website”.

Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are only three of hundreds of social media outlets available to you. Don’t limit yourself, of course you don’t need to be on every platform, but try a few out and see what you find works best for you.