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You might be a Photographer if....

2013-04-02 16:16:25 GMT

We asked you and you answered. Here are some of the top responses received from Facebook and Twitter.


  • You ask your mother in law what level of Gaussian blur she used at the family Christmas gathering.
  • You forgot your anniversary to shoot a WEDDING!
  • Your camera lens costs more than your car.
  • If you take your camera everywhere you go and when you don’t that’s when you find the perfect shot.
  • If you see the sunsets in aperture and f-stop.
  • Your friend refers to you as her personal paparazzi.
  • You’ve got blisters on your trigger finger.
  • You learn to ignore people admiring your shots and saying “Gee, you must have a great camera”!
  • You always see life through a lens.


Don't Forget to Vote...

2013-02-19 19:08:00 GMT


All entries for our February caption contest have been submitted. Let us know which captions you like most by voting before the end of the day February 22nd.


View all entries here.

Prizes for the winners include:
ACDSee 15
ACDSee Pro 6
ACDSee Pro 2 (mac)