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Keeping up with the Kids - Summer Photography

2013-07-03 18:55:00 GMT

Summer is a busy season, and the kids just want to run around. As a photographer, or even a parent, this often makes it difficult to keep the kids focused. Here are 5 tips to keep the kids happy and get great natural photos!

Keep it…

Easy - Don’t be bossing the kids around. This means not asking them to stop and look at the camera, just let them go and play. Stay on your feet so you can follow them around and capture all the fun on camera.

Natural - Natural light is the best. Take the kids to a pre-planned location, like a park or somewhere they can explore. This helps technically and helps you to see the most natural expressions of curiosity and excitement.

Engaging - By keeping the kids engaged its less likely that they’ll get bored. Let them look at the camera, listen to their ideas, or give them an assignment. If you’re shooting siblings, an assignment as simple as “making your brother laugh” could produce some really funny stories.

At their level - Shoot at their eye level. Get down on your knees, if they’re on their tummy - get on yours! This often helps the kids to feel more comfortable and sometimes them seeing you on your tummy will get them giggling.

Fast - We all know kids can move! Photographing kids is a lot like photographing sports. It’s best to keep your shutter speeds fast and you will capture some great action shots. Another great tip is to shoot in bursts of 3, then you can pick which is the best or create a series of photos with that action.

These are just a few tips, we want to hear yours! Share your favorite kid photography tips or stories on our Facebook page and feel free to check out more tips about kids photography here.