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Creating Collages with Photo Editor 6

2013-07-09 20:47:00 GMT

Not to be confused with the collage effect, we’re going to show you how to create a fun photo collage with ACDSee Photo Editor 6.

Photo Editor 6 is the only ACDSee product that will work with Object Layers. If you’re a beginer, its easiest to start with a template. Go to File | New From Template and choose the template that you like best. For this tutorial we’re using VickiStegall-Kiss-Explode, but feel free to choose any template you like.

You can use the tools and Color Picker to enhance the design like we did here. Once you are happy with your design and color scheme, you can arrange the photo boxes.

To add your images you go to File | Place.
Select the photo that you want to place, or CTRL + click to select multiple images and press Place.
Move the place cursor to the location in the work area where you want to place your photo, then click.

And Voila! You have created a fun collage!