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Photography Basics A to Z (Part 1)

2013-08-15 23:36:00 GMT

Artistic. Also known as fine-art photography which is photography created in accordance with the vision of the artist. As a photographer, you are an artist. Be as artistic as you want!

Backlighting refers to the process of illuminating the subject from the back. As a photographer mastering backlighting is important because one, our clients have expectations and two, it creates really interesting photos.

Color is easy to take for granted, but it plays an integral part in our emotions and perception of a photograph. Knowing how to use color effectively will expand your creativity, you need to be able to spot the potential of the colors in a scene and use them in your images.

Depth of Field refers to the range of distance that appears sharp in an image. It varies depending on what you set the aperture and focusing distance. The depth of field does not change right from sharp to unsharp, but gradual transition. The larger aperture (smaller f-stop number) and closer focusing distances produce a shallower depth of field.

Exposure. In photography exposure is the amount of light absorbed during the process of taking a photograph. Enable the histogram meter, set exposure compensation so that the histogram’s pixel pile goes one way or the other: for negative compensation it should go to the left ie: dark scenes, and positive compensation to the right for light scenes.

Focus. Each SLR camera has 45 focussing points, many people use ALL the focus points, but there are those people that use the center focus point. Using the center focus point takes practice to do effectively but the advantage is that is keeps the main focus directly where you (the photographer) chooses and not the camera. So, if you like to be in control this is the way to go.

Golden Hour, also known as the magic hour, is just before and just after sunrise or sunset. We love the the lighting during the golden hours because it’s not too bright and not too dark, it’s just right! Soft golden glow, perfect if you’re taking portraits because you won’t have to worry about squinting eyes or harsh light.

Check back again for H and onwards!