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2014-11-26 18:33:05 GMT

Canvas X Pro 16 Features Upgraded Core Engine and Improved Performance for Technical Illustrators

Seattle, Washington and Victoria, B.C. – November 25, 2014 ACD Systems today released a powerful version of its popular Canvas illustration product that supports 64-bit technology and is tuned for improved performance. Canvas X Pro 16 allows a wide range of professionals—from graphics designers to engineers– to analyze, enhance and share illustrations with ease and precision. The upgraded technology allows for more memory, faster performance and is DPI-aware to take advantage of today’s most advanced hardware. The result is drastically increased document speed and the best graphics available on the market. Canvas X Pro 16 also includes a new modernized interface for an enriched user experience.

Canvas X Pro 16’s unique and integrated design environment makes it possible for users to work with and combine all graphical elements and apply high-end effects in a single document. Technical illustrators can now open and manipulate documents with over one million objects in seconds vs. minutes. Common operations are improved for a more streamlined experience.

“Canvas has enjoyed a broad and loyal following for over 20 years based on our ability to deliver the highest quality illustration capabilities,” said Doug Vandekerkhove, President of ACD Systems. ”Our millions of users continue to be our biggest advocates. Now anyone can take advantage of the mix of incredible power combined with an easy to use, clean interface. Whether you’re producing a poster, website, a floor plan or the inside of a Boeing aircraft, we offer any feature you need, yet you don’t have to spend a lot of time designing and sharing with others.”

Canvas X Pro 16 is the most complete high-end technical illustration tool available. It contains a large assortment of technical drawing tools, PDF editing and publishing, support for technical file formats, markup/ annotation of technical documents and the ability to add transparency and filter effects to any type of object. Users can create and edit various types of graphical elements in a single application rather than having to purchase and switch between multiple products, saving time and money. Canvas is the only product that offers a high level of edit-ability to all types of graphical elements.

Canvas X Pro 16 key features include:
  • PDF editing—Canvas Pro allows for round trip editing of PDF files and is easier to use than existing solutions such as Acrobat.
  • Support for numerous advanced file formats—MS Office, Visio, PDF, AutoCad, DXF, CGM, TIFF, JPG, etc.
  • High precision drawing—Canvas users can create very small or very large documents with a high level of accuracy.
  • Makeup/ annotation of technical documents—It’s easy to import various file formats and markup, annotate and add comments.
  • Greatest number and quality of edit capabilities - The only application that allows a high level of edit-ability to all types of graphical elements in one product, saving on time and cost.
  • Lens feature—Allows the creation of a lens that can magnify or perform various types of filters on a specified region of a document. For example, in a technical illustration you can easily create a lens to magnify and colorize a specific region of your illustration.
  • Extensive special effects – The ability to add transparency and filter effects to any type of object.

Canvas X Pro 16 is available now for $599 MSRP at Upgrades are available for $299.


No need to worry - we’re secure!

2014-04-10 18:01:45 GMT

Very recently a severe vulnerability in the OpenSSL library was announced. It affected the vast majority of the internet.

What kind of attack? It allows attackers to eavesdrop on communications, steal data directly from the services and users and to impersonate services and users.

ACD Systems uses the Digital River ecommerce system. The load balancer tier of Digital River’s commerce system does not use the affected version of OpenSSL and is therefore not susceptible to this vulnerability. Digital River commerce sites and all other ACD Systems servers are up to date and therefore not vulnerable to the Heartbleed bug at this time.

For more information about the Heartbleed bug please visit


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