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Using LCE to Improve Your Photos in Record Time

2013-06-20 16:04:00 GMT

LCE, Lighting and Contrast Enhancement, is the force behind the Lighting tool in our ACDSee photo editing products. You can use the Lighting tool to adjust areas in an image that are too dark or too light, without affecting other areas of the photo.

The Lighting tool in ACDSee Pro 6, is very versatile. There are three tabs, each allows you to achieve results in different ways.

The Basics tab is for very quick and easy adjustments using three sliders. It analyzes the photo and varies the adjustments throughout the image automatically. For example, darker images are brightened more.

The Light EQ tab works like a sound equalizer but with light. You can adjust the brightness and contrast of different tone bands (areas of relative brightness or darkness) of the image independently using a slider for each tone band. A graph shows the amount of brightening or darkening applied throughout the tonal range. The gray areas in the graph are suggested boundaries for adjustments to avoid clipping and loss of detail, and turn red to indicate where you adjusted the sliders far enough to cause clipping.

The Advanced tab gives you ultimate control of the brightness and contrast in an image. Basic adjustment curves can be constructed using four sliders, and you can manually adjust the curves by clicking and dragging within the graph area or on the image itself.

Harness the power of LCE to improve the quality of poorly lit photos, and achieve HDR photo results from a single image.

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