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You might be a Photographer if....

2013-04-02 16:16:25 GMT

We asked you and you answered. Here are some of the top responses received from Facebook and Twitter.


  • You ask your mother in law what level of Gaussian blur she used at the family Christmas gathering.
  • You forgot your anniversary to shoot a WEDDING!
  • Your camera lens costs more than your car.
  • If you take your camera everywhere you go and when you don’t that’s when you find the perfect shot.
  • If you see the sunsets in aperture and f-stop.
  • Your friend refers to you as her personal paparazzi.
  • You’ve got blisters on your trigger finger.
  • You learn to ignore people admiring your shots and saying “Gee, you must have a great camera”!
  • You always see life through a lens.


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