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Introducing the all new ACDSee Photo Editor 6

2013-02-21 23:17:00 GMT

Discover your inner photo editing genius. ACDSee Photo Editor 6 makes it easy to create the photos you’ve always envisioned. Apply stunning effects and filters, work with object layers effortlessly, quickly correct common photo flaws, and make advanced edits like a pro.



  • Windows 8 Compatible
  • Patented LCE (Lighting and Contrast Enhancement)
  • Advanced Rich Colour Tools
  • Creative Photo Filters and Effects
  • RAW Support
  • Work with Object Layers

What’s New
Ideal as a companion to ACDSee or ACDSee Pro, or used on its own, Photo Editor 6 packs plenty of power. Correct lighting issues, fine-tune color, transform your shots with artistic effects, and combine various elements with the freedom to customize any detail you wish.

Harness the Best Lighting in Any Photo
Take control of the brightness and contrast in your photos with the Advanced Lighting tool. Use the Brightening and Darkening sliders for precise edits, or adjust the internal curves by clicking and dragging directly on your photo. For a professional polish, you can also adjust the contrast, or add fill light to lighten dark areas.

Fix Lighting Lightning Fast
Quickly and easily rescue photos that are too light or too dark. Instantly lighten shadows and reduce highlights in one click, adjust individual sliders to fine-tune shadows, midtones and highlights, or click directly on the light and dark spots for instantly improved photos.

Colors for Any Wavelength
Enhance hues, or change individual colors to completely transform an image. Subtly or dramatically change the saturation, brightness and hue using sliders, or click directly on precise color ranges in your photo for arresting results.

New Mood-Altering Effects
Transform the mood and atmosphere of your photos in a click, thanks to a bevy of Instagram-inspired artistic effects. Apply the collage effect to creatively display your photo in a photomontage of prints; Lomo for an edgy, retro feel; Granite for an etched-in-stone look; and Orton to give an ethereal, pastel-like touch to your portraits and landscapes.

RAW Inspiring
Photo Editor supports the latest RAW formats from the most popular camera models, so you can use your high-resolution RAW files as objects in your photo layouts. Non-destructively adjust color, apply effects, correct lighting issues, and more.

Pre-order now and get 40GB of ACDSee Online photo storage and a copy of ACDSee Photo Editor 2008 FREE ($49.99 Value).

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