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New Years Resolution: Get Rid of Digital Clutter with ACDSee Duplicate Finder

2012-01-19 22:02:48 GMT

Part 2 of 2

In last week’s blog post, we talked about developing a workflow that can keep your image files organized and easy to locate and retrieve. But what if you’re starting with an image library that’s totally out of control or have inherited an unwieldy collection of digital assets that clearly contains multiple copies of files (yes, corporate users, we feel your pain)! How do you go about finding and purging all those unwanted extra files?

For those users with large music, photo, or video libraries, unknown duplicate (or triplicate or quadruplicate!) files take up precious hard drive space and can challenge you to work efficiently. Identical files may not have the same filename which makes them very difficult to identify. You can use the ACDSee Duplicate Finder to undertake the VERY rewarding task of finding and removing ALL the duplicate files on your system and connected devices.

Duplicate Finder is a feature currently integrated into the “Manage” mode of ACDSee Pro 5 and ACDSee 14 and earlier versions of our photo editing and management software. Because it was the most asked-for feature for our Pro (Mac) product, we also decided to make it available as a standalone product pending the release of ACDSee Pro 2(Mac).

Not just for image files!

By examining the MD5 checksum routines (hashes) in every file on your computer or the folders and subfolders you select, Duplicate Finder will identify duplicates of any type of file, regardless of whether the file name is the same or not: you may search and view every single file on your hard drive and connected devices, and Duplicate Finder will find all your duplicate files, showing you where they are so you can move them to trash, or create new folders, etc. This is the best way we know to reduce the amount of clutter and space taken up on your hard drive, letting you AND your computer work more efficiently!

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