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ACD Systems Video

International Fencing Federation Official Photographer, Serge Timacheff, created this fun slide show with nearly 2000 photos, all edited with ACDSee Pro.


ACDSee Pro 8 OR ACDSee 18 - which is right for you?

2014-10-01 19:57:00 GMT

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ACD Systems Video

Pro Photographer Peter Pereira, loyal ACDSee user, walked us through his photo editing workflow with the newly released ACDSee Pro 8.

Check out what he has to say in the video, and see some of his other work at

ACD Systems Announces Products that Eliminate the Need to Buy Expensive Photo Suites

2014-09-25 16:47:13 GMT

ACDSee Pro 8 and ACDSee 18 Offer the Most Intuitive, Cost-effective Solution to Import, Edit and Mange Photos

Seattle, Wash. and Victoria, Canada - September 25, 2014 - ACD Systems International Inc., today announced two photo editing and management products which provide the richest combination of features and value available in one solution. Until today, photographers and companies had to buy an expensive suite of products to be able to import, edit and manage their photos. Now, ACDSee provides all of these features in one easy to use, cost-effective product. ACDSee Pro 8 and ACDSee 18 will include the company’s patented technology and use friendly design which have made ACDSee the products of choice for over 50 million users worldwide.

ACDSee Pro 8 is the most complete solution for the enhancement and control of image production for professional photographers. The standard version, ACDSee 18, gives any photographer the high-end tools they need to produce professional quality photos and manage their photo library. ACDSee customers can manage and share up to hundreds of thousands of images while maintaining a fast, quality experience. Both products allow users to experience the utmost control and power over the display and sharing of their images without compromising privacy.

“Due to advanced smartphone lenses and affordable high-end cameras, there has been a transformation in the way people are capturing and sharing memories,” said Doug Vanderkerkhove, Founder and CEO of ACD Systems. “At ACD Systems we’ve noticed the great divide between the high-end photography software and low-end is beginning to disappear and the market needs to adapt. We’re launching products that offer our customers a feature-rich solution at a tremendous value, with the same quality they’ve always trusted from ACDSee.”

“I’ve covered five Olympic games, 25 world championships, and dozens of grand prix events and have used ACDSee to process, edit, manage, and archive the photos from each,” said Serge Timacheff, official photographer for the International Fencing Federation (FIE). “Standard media management software isn’t robust-enough to handle important event photos, and the suite products are cumbersome, confining, and expensive. With ACDSee I’ve processed over two million fencing images and it’s the product I trust for workflow at these important events. It’s an excellent tool and I recommend it to people worldwide.”

ACDSee Pro 8 and ACDSee 18 offer the following new features and improvements:

PicaView - a quick and easy way to preview files through the OS’s context menu, without having to open them in an application, unique to ACDSee.
1-Step EQ - ACDSee’s patent technology providing the easiest and most effortless automatic exposure adjustment, resulting in the fastest way to perfect a photo.
Smart Indexer - to maximize efficiency, the ACDSee Smart Indexer catalogs folders and adds them to the ACDSee Database when the user’s computer is idle. The Indexer knows when changes have been made and automatically keeps everything else up-to-date.
SeeDrive™ - users can access and manage their online images quickly and easily, control privacy settings and share photos with family, friends and the world.
Auto EQ - the ability to give images a one-touch exposure boost while viewing them
Auto Lens View - users can see what their images would look like with a variety of effects on the fly.
Folder Tree & GUI Enhancements - provides users a seamless view of their photo files in a familiar Windows format, alleviating the pain of learning an entirely new system.
New Special Effects - Apply a variety of brand new effects without needing to go through a cumbersome, technical multi-step process.
Improved Selections - Selections tools are now available on the main Edit mode panel, allowing users to quickly select areas of their image and move into other Edit mode tools.
Edit mode Navigator Window - The automatic navigator appears when zooming into a photo, allowing users to easily move it around to view specific details.
RAW Updates - ACDSee supports the latest RAW file formats.

ACDSee Pro 8 also offers the following new features:

Pixel Targeting - selectively adjust pixels with a variety of Edit mode tools by targeting specific colors and tones within the image.
Edit Mode Fill Tool - users can enrich every pixel the same color as the one you clicked with your selected background color for fast enhancements.
Edit Mode History Window - gives users the advantage of viewing adjustment history and returning to a specific adjustment. There’s also the ability to undo all changes at once.

Availability and Pricing
ACDSee Pro 8 is available for $199.99 and ACDSee 18 is available for $79.99. Both products are also available via subscription starting at $79 per year at Additional information, including full system requirements can be found online at

About ACD Systems
Founded in Texas in 1993 by imaging visionary Doug Vanderkerkhove, ACD Systems is one of the largest and most respected independent digital editing and management companies in the world. Doug forsaw the importance of the convergence of analog and digital (print, photos, scans, video, and metadata). The company’s products include ACDSee Pro 8, ACDSee 18, and Canvas 15, which helps Fortune 500 companies enhance, manage and disseminate their valuable digital assets. Customers include General Motors, Caterpillar, Boeing, The New York City Fire Department, NASA, CNN and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.

Today ACD holds six patents and millions of ACDSee products are in use throughout the world. In fact, ACDSee products are so popular in Asia that they are second only to Louis Vuitton in product piracy.

ACDSee Pro 8 & ACDSee 18 Sneak Peak

2014-09-15 19:46:00 GMT

With the release of ACDSee Pro 8 and ACDSee 18 just around the corner we wanted to share What’s New with you!

Pre-order your copies of both ACDSee Pro 8 & ACDSee 18 Today!

ACDSee Pro 8
ACDSee Pro 8 is packed with everything you need to bring out the best in your images, and to proudly share them with the world. Managing your growing photo collection has never been this painless. Experience effortless digital asset management and zoom through all the essential tasks of your photography workflow with one complete, amazingly fast solution.

Pixel Targeting
Selectively adjust pixels with a variety of Edit mode tools by targeting specific colors and tones within the image. Even target skin tones! Combine Pixel Targeting with the Edit Brush for the ultimate in precision editing.

Agilely preview your files through you OS’ context menu, without having to open them in an application. Take a sneak peak at the EXIF information, and painlessly launch images in ACDSee for further editing.

1-Step EQ
Experience the ease of effortless automatic exposure adjustment with 1-Step EQ. ACDSee’s patented LCE (Lighting and Contrast Enhancement) technology makes intuitive improvements as you open the image.



Smart Indexer
To maximize efficiency, the ACDSee Smart Indexer catalogs folders and adds them to the ACDSee Database when your computer is idle. The Smart Indexer knows when you’ve made changes and automatically keeps everything up-to-date, enabling you to get the most out of your overall ACDSee experience.

Fill Tool
Use the Edit Mode Fill tool to select a color to enrich with your chosen background color for speedy enhancements.

And lots of RAW updates which can be found here.

ACDSee 18

Auto Lens View (Also available in ACDSee Pro 8)
Freely preview what your images will look like with a variety of filters on the fly with the ACDSee View mode lens.

ACDSee SeeDrive (Also available in ACDSee Pro 8)
Access and manage your online images quickly and easily, control privacy settings, and share with your family, friends, and the world - all from the convenience of Manage mode, with ACDSee SeeDrive.

Evocative Embellishments(Also available in ACDSee Pro 8)
For that oft-needed dash of quirkiness or nostalgia, apply a variety of brand new effects without needing to go through a cumbersome, technical multi-step process.

New effects include:
  • Dramatic
  • Bob Ross
  • Cartoon
  • Childhood
  • Blue Steel
  • Purple Haze
  • Seventies
  • Somber

Improved features for both ACDSee Pro 8 & 18:
Fluid Folder Viewing
Selection Tool

You’re in luck!

Offer ends September 25th, 2014