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ACD Systems Overhauls Mac Software from the Inside Out

VICTORIA, BC (November 15, 2017) – ACD Systems releases new digital asset management and RAW photo editing software for Mac. ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 4 is a refined, lightweight, and simple to use digital photography resource with features ranging from extensive digital asset management to a full toolkit loaded with non-destructive adjustments. This release brings ACD Systems into the ring of Mac photo editing software by setting up ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 4 as a strong baseline with nowhere to go but up.

“We've been looking forward to this!” said Mark Cosgrove, ACD Systems’ Director of Production. “We're excited to present users on the Mac platform with the RAW editing power and stable, efficient control over their digital assets that they deserve.”

ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 4 Features:

  • RAW image editing - Powerful RAW processing engine and built-in RAW support of over 450 cameras to parametrically correct exposure, clarity, sharpness, lighting, color, noise, details, and more. 
  • Digital asset management - Extensive tools for moving, finding, sorting, and sharing images. Sort by date, rate images to keep track of your work, and set categories and keywords.
  • Light EQ - Control tonal range, temperature, tint, midtones, and highlights. This tool intuitively lightens shadows and darkens highlights in specific areas without affecting the image as a whole.

ACDSee Photo Studio Improvements:

  • Orphan file management - Added the ability to manage orphaned database items (obsolete references to files or folders).
  • iOS folder transfer - Added the ability to copy files from iOS device to folder in Manage mode.
  • Improved UI - Modernized graphical interface, advancing usability and productivity. This includes a cleaner look across all modes, improved Filmstrip in View and Develop mode, streamlined navigation in View mode for browsing speed and convenience, thumbnail display optimization for visibility, and a better way to view and assign ACDSee metadata in View and Develop mode via icons in the Status bar.

For a complete list of new features, performance enhancements, and other improvements, please see the ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 4 release notes here:

ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 4 is available as a lifetime license for a limited time introductory price of $79.95 USD with a regular MSRP of $99 USD. ACDSee Photo Studio for Mac 4 is also available as a subscription starting at $69/Year, which provides users access to regular updates and upgrades.