Living and Working in Miami

Miami has it all. Miami, Florida is located in southeastern Florida on the Atlantic Coast. The Greater Miami area has over 2 million residents with over 360,000 living directly within the boundary of Miami.

Miami Beach is a haven for sunbathers and recreational enthusiasts, and is best known for its large Hispanic influence, natural beauty, and lush vegetation. The city's beautiful sandy beaches, tropical climate, exciting clubs, and fabulous restaurants add to the city's ambience.

From South Beach to Coconut Grove, one will find plenty of wonderful ways to recreate. They include fishing in the Florida Keys, kayaking in Biscayne Bay, and hiking in the Florida Everglades. The region's climate provides attractions that are found nowhere else in North America. Ocean life, alligators, snakes, colourful birds and unique flora are abundant. One can spend hours, days, or weeks entertaining oneself and their family without having to travel more than a few minutes in any direction.

Miami also has many museums, art, and cultural centres. The nightlife is colourful and active. Entertainment venues are plentiful and vary from jazz to lively disco, comedy clubs, concerts, theatre, opera, symphony and more.